Renault Parts Supply

When purchasing a new vehicle it is essential yout feel confident in every facet, and one area overlooked by most is parts supply. Now, from time to time you may hear people talking about how long their vehicle has been off the road due to the lack of parts availability. The good news is that when you purchase a Renault you will have 'Peace of Mind' when it comes to parts supply.

In conjunction with alliance partner Nissan, Renault operates parts warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, and with a parts service level of more than 97% over the past three years, you can be confident that most parts are no more than 24 hours away. Put simply, for every 100 parts ordered by a dealer, Renault can supply 97 of them immediately, which is considered impressive in the automotive industry.

In addition, our Renault dealers have real-time visibility and ordering capabilities to all of our warehouses and are also linked to each other via our intranet, providing access to every Renault spare part in Australia. And for the final reassuring word on parts, our network also plays an important role in parts supply. We are committed to stocking all of our most common Renault service parts at each dealer, ensuring the parts needed to keep your vehicle performing at its best are always readily available.

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