Extend Your LCV Warranty

What Advantages Will I Get From The LCV Extended Manufacturer Warranty Program?

Extending your warranty provides you with more certainty around your total cost of ownership beyond the standard warranty period. This can improve the resale value and make it more attractive for buyers.

What Levels Of Additional Cover Are Available?

Renault light commercial vehicles come with a 3-year/200,000km manufacturer warranty. This program allows you to extend this period to either 4 years/200,000km or 5 years/200,000km.

What Coverage Does The Program Provide?

Other than the longer period of coverage, the terms and conditions of the program are identical to those of the standard 3-year/200,000km manufacturer warranty. For more information on the standard warranty click here.

When Can I Purchase The LCV EMW Program?

To take advantage of the program, you must apply at the time of the initial vehicle purchase.

Is The LCV EMW Program Transferable?

Yes. This is one of the major benefits of the program. Second and subsequent owners can take advantage of any remaining manufacturer or extended warranty cover on the vehicle. All they need to do is complete and return a Transfer of Ownership form at the time they purchase it from you.

Does The Vehicle Need To Be Serviced By An Authorised Renault Dealer?

No, but your vehicle must be maintained in accordance with the requirements of your Owner Handbook to be eligible for cover during the program period that you have purchased.

Does The Extended Warranty Period Include Roadside Assistance?

Yes. Your Roadside Assistance will extend to the same period as your LCV EMW. For more information on 24/7 Roadside assistance click here

Extended Manufacturer Warranty (EMW) & Roadside Assistance total periods of 4 years/200,000km (whichever occurs first) or 5 years/200,000 (whichever occurs first) are the total maximums & include the standard manufacturer warranty of 3 years/200,000km (whichever occurs first). EMW includes the same terms, conditions and limitations as the standard manufacturer warranty. Once the EMW is purchased it cannot be cancelled by the owner or any subsequent owner of the vehicle, and the EMW payment is non-refundable. Renault reserves the right to vary, alter or withdraw the EMW offer including prices.