Exceeding Comwire IT’s Business Needs

Adelaide-based Comwire IT is running a mixed fleet of Renault vans and passenger cars to help keep its business on the boil.

The Port Adelaide Football Club supporters within the company have benefited from the club’s membership offer that provides enhanced buying opportunities, but additionally, the company is a supplier to the Club as well as a Premium partner.

“Comwire IT supports out IT requirements, supports our club, and we’re supporting them with a club benefit for their fleet needs, directing them to another club sponsor, Renault.” says Steve Hunt, Port Adelaide Football Club’s Fleet Manager.

Comwire IT employs 27 staff across Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth and provides managed IT services for businesses that don’t want the IT function on their premises.

Network infrastructure is managed offsite, along with email exchanged services and system back-ups.

“We needed to replace our small van and station wagon. Through Port Adelaide Club we found Renault based replacements: a Kangoo and a Megane Wagon. We were interested in fuel economy and low operating costs, of course, price and after-sales service are also important” says Robert Librandi, Director of ComWire IT.

“The Renault Kangoo is ideal for moving servers around, and the Megane Wagon can also provide transport for boxes. We do on-site vists so our branding was important and both vehicles have come up very well. They are very eye catching” says Robert.

Comwire IT’s sponsorship of the Port Adelaide Football Club led the growing technology company to Renault. And they couldn’t be happier with their choice.

To learn more about our Renault Kangoo: http://www.renault.com.au/vehicles/commercial/kangoo/kangoo/swb

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