The Green Van Plan

Renault’s Green Van Plan is aimed at further reducing the environmental impact of its highly efficient diesel engines.

Activated in association with the long-established and highly regarded climate action organisation Greenfleet, the plan will offset the expected carbon emissions of all Bamboo Green Trafics during the first 7 years of their working lives.

Greenfleet will plant enough trees in native forests to absorb the carbon emissions of the Bamboo Green Trafic vans sold, based on the already impressively low official fuel consumption figure of 6.2-Litres per 100km, using an average of 30,000km travelled per van, per year.

About Greenfleet

Since 1997, Greenfleet has been helping businesses, councils and universities offset their carbon footprint. By planting nearly 9 million trees across 425 forests in Australia and New Zealand, they are reducing salinity and soil erosion, and providing essential habitat for native wildlife. Learn more about Greenfleet here.  

Renault Trafic

The economical engines give you 6.2L/100km* and are helped by low-resistance tyres and aerodynamic styling to reduce drag. Electric power steering on all models and Stop&Start technology on Twin Turbo models also keeps driving costs down.