What is Renault Fleet?

Renault Fleet offers tailor-made Fleet solutions to B2B and B2C customers, from a wide range of products and services aligned to meet the ever-changing Australian Fleet landscape.

How do I get pricing?

Our Renault dealer network can provide you with a fleet price. The price will be based on your fleet size and the number of vehicles you purchase. To find your closest dealer please select the Find your Renault dealer link.

How do I qualify for a fleet price?

If you have an ABN number your business will qualify for our business fleet pricing. For companies with an operational fleet of over 20 vehicles or more, a National Fleet price structure may apply. Please contact your local Renault dealer to assist you with qualifying your business fleet for our Fleet price.

My company offers me the option of a Novated Lease, what pricing am I eligible to receive?

Novated Leases conducted through a major Fleet management company may be entitled to receive the National Fleet discount. Please contact your local dealer who can work with you and your preferred Leasing company in providing a detailed quote.

How much discount do I receive?

The discount offered varies for each Renault model. A Renault dealer can provide you with detailed information the fleet pricing discounts applicable to the model you are interested in.

How do I find a specialist dealer?

Renault PRO+ Dealers and dealerships have opened across Australia where you can access specialist knowledge on Fleet solutions. A list of Renault PRO+ Dealers can be found here.

How do I find specifications for each vehicle?

To view a carousel of available vehicles follow this link . For model specifications, click the link on the model you are interested in to access that model page.