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It's My Business It's My Van: Livewires plug into Renault power


  IT’S not just their pair of green and black Renaults, a Trafic and Kangoo, that makes them unique, Livewire Electrical & Design is an all-female workforce comprises owner Kylie Slade and her daughter Chelsea, along with apprentice Tayla Ritchie.   Crawling under houses, up ladders, into roofs, lugging coils of wire, coping with spiders and other nasties, are all in a day’s work for this intrepid trio.   Becoming an electrician wasn’t Kylie’s...

It's My Business It's My Van: K9 Pet Photography


  THE old adage goes, ’Never work with kids and animals’, but for Diana Leventhal, owner of K9 Pet Photography, that is a regular occurrence, or hazard ... depending on your viewpoint.   Born from a love of dogs, photography and the desire to break the daily grind of corporate life, Diana established K9 Photography11 years ago and has loved every moment since.   A legal secretary for 22 years, Diana was working for a Gold Coast practice but a business...

It's My Business It's My Van: Spreading the Smile


  DENTAL professional Caitlin Wainrib has filled a hole in the market, developing Mobile Dental Clinics Australia, a business based out of seven Renault Kangoo vans that visits aged care facilities, schools and businesses.   “We have specially acquired mobile dental lights and basins, even hand-held X-ray machines. We can take denture impressions in the patient’s own bed if necessary and then fit their new dentures later on. Pretty much the only treatment we can’t...

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