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1 Litre per 100KM? Renault's EOLAB Goes the Distance


Introducing EOLAB, a new concept car pushing the limits of ultra-low fuel consumption. Capable of running off 1 litre/100km the EOLAB has been designed as part of Renault’s plan to bring eco-mobility to the world. The EOLAB uses over 100 technological advances to improve its fuel economy from refined aerodynamics to a weight saving multi-material shell and Renault’s “Z.E Hybrid” power technology.  HOW THE EOLAB IS MADE The EOLAB prototype’s exceptional fuel economy is...

Renault Australia and Australia Post Trial Electric Van


Australian mail is set to go green with the announcement of a joint partnership between Australia Post and Renault Australia, trialling the Electric Kangoo Z.E. (Zero Emissions) Van. The 12-month trial is the first introduction of the Kangoo Z.E. to Australia and a chance for Renault to demonstrate our global leadership in electric vehicles to the Australian market. While the trial will begin with 2 vehicles, the Kangoo Z.E. has already proven its effectiveness with over 14,000 vehicles sold...

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