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Kangoo Compact 1.2L petrol turbo charging into the market this December.


Over the past four years, Kangoo has established itself as a major player in the small van market and the newest update will continue that trajectory. There are some seriously great new additions – like the all-new 1.2L H5Ft engine – but is still extremely good value, continuing to feature its core strengths of class leading comfort, versatility and practicality. Let’s talk about some of the new features. More performance, less cost The new engine will allow for up to 21%...

John’s Trafic and Kangoo provide a cup of Joe to go


It’s arguably Australia’s favourite drink, because there would be few adults who don’t start their day with one or more cups of coffee. With a developed and cultured taste not for American instant or regular filter coffee. But crafted, European-style taste sensations. It’s not surprising that sales of domestic-sized real coffee machines have rocketed in recent years. Such is John’s passion for mobile java that he decided to put a quality coffee machine in the back of a van in...

Renault Kangoo - Refreshed, Enhanced, Extended


The Renault Kangoo range has been refreshed for 2014 with a comprehensive redesign, giving the classic Kangoo a more powerful and confident look. The new design delivers new bonnet, mudguards, headlamps, front bumper, and aerodynamic door mirrors - and that’s just the exterior. The engineering team behind the Kangoo have also worked hard to ensure driving the Kangoo in urban areas is easier, safer, more comfortable and as stress-free as possible. With a small turning circle, greater...

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