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The New-look Clio R.S. arrives in Australian showrooms


The new-look Clio R.S. – drawing on Renault Sport’s wealth of knowledge and expertise – has arrived in Renault showrooms across Australia.   “The Renault Sport badge has a long and successful history here in Australia,” said Renault Australia’s Managing Director, Mr Justin Hocevar. “Australia consistently appears in the top five for global Renault Sport sales and we expect this to continue with this new-look model.   “One of the exciting new features is...

New-look Clio R.S. delivers driving enjoyment and Renault Sport styling.


The New-look Renault Clio R.S. is expected to launch in Australia in a few months time, with enhanced features drawing on Renault Sport's wealth of knowledge and expertise.  "The new Clio R.S. offers the full spectrum of Renault Sport technology for immediate driving pleasure. The model also inaugurates the highly efficient and innovative R.S. VISION lighting system, Renault Sport's exclusive lighting signature," announced Patrice Ratti, CEO, Renault Sport Cars.  We are...

Renault Trafic is ready to race with new Formula Edition.


To celebrate the delivery of the first Renault Trafic vans to the Renault Sport Formula 1 team, Renault LCV developed a Formula Edition, 80 of which have just landed in Australia.   From the racetrack to the road.   The Renault Sport Formula 1 team’s vans are used for delivery of parts for its race machines, because time is critical when it comes to getting them built and tested. They are also used for new parts to be delivered to the test or race track, when the...

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