All-new Megane GT puts Adriano Zumbo to the test, and it's not just adrenaline flying.

Renault owner and long term brand ambassador, Adriano Zumbo has some serious skills in the kitchen, but what about behind the wheel of a new Megane GT? Watch as Adriano Zumbo's two great loves, Renault and baking, collide in a spectacular demonstration of sleek curves and sharp turns.

When Renault Australia set Zumbo the challenge of dipping and diving, whipping and weaving through your standard track, the self-confessed Renault fan, was more than keen. He wasn’t quite expecting an extra twist.

Zumbo took to a closed circuit in an areoplane hangar; Renault laid out a course to test his driving skills and things got interesting. 

Adriano Zumbo is a well-known pâtissier, famous for his Cormquembouches, Zumbarons and sugary specialties. With seven store open throughout Australia, a reality television show of his own and author of a number of cookbooks, he is well-known as a genius in the kitchen. But he’s got more than just delicious delicacies up his sleeve.

“The Adriano Zumbo and Renault Australia collaboration is based on mutual admiration” says Mr Hocevar. “This is a really fun, light-hearted demonstration of that admiration and we are excited to share it with Australia.”

Zumbo is serious about Renault Sport, so it’s an obvious progression for him to experience the All-new Renault Megane’s 4CONTROL.

“The whole experience was awesome, I had an absolute ball,” said Adriano Zumbo. “The Megane GT was really different and so cool to drive. It was amazing to feel the way the 4CONTROL kicked-in when cornering.”

4CONTROL turn rear wheels in the opposite direction as front wheels at low speeds for optimum manoeuvrability, and turn with front wheels to ensure stability at high speeds. Zumbo handles it like a pro.

The All-new Renault Megane GT features the award-winning Renault Sport developed ENERGY TCe205 turbo charged engine delivering 151 kilowatts and 280 Newton metres of torque. It also includes MULTI-SENSE - personalised driver modes and ambience, R.S. Drive mode with Launch Control, Easy Park Assist, intuitive sat-nav & multimedia with 7" touchscreen and 3D Edge effect lighting signature.

Find out more about the Megane GT here. 

Zumbo really put the Megane GT through its paces, and it preformed expceptionally well, even if things got a little messy. 

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