Captur automatic versions now come with a more powerful engine

Now available on both Zen and Intens variants, the new Captur engine with 110kW of power will provide an extra punch for spritely urban driving in Renault’s compact SUV.

“An engine that makes driving Captur a real pleasure, Renault Australia are pleased to be expanding its availability across the Captur automatic range. This punchy engine is worth getting behind the wheel and taking Captur for a spin” says Andrew Moore, Managing Director Renault Australia.

This new engine delivers an impressive torque rating - 250Nm at 1600rpm and incorporates several innovations to deliver better performance

  • Delta Cylinder Head – a compact shape which saves weight and improves performance

  • Bore Spray Coating – the cylinders receive a plasma treatment to cut fuel consumption through minimizing friction and reduced weight

  • Variable Value Timing with Rocker Arm – a new system which generates less internal friction and greater durability

  • High Pressure Direct Injection and 6-hole vertical injection – the holes provide better atomization of the fuel which is fed in at a higher pressure than the 1.2TCe

Originally launched on the limited edition S-Edition in Q4 2018, this dynamic new engine is now available across all specifications, replacing the 1.2L Turbo.

Captur Zen also receives a multimedia system update which means that both transmissions (manual and auto) now offer smartphone users the opportunity to stay connected through either Apple CarPlay© or Android Auto© replication.

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