Clicking with Kangoo: From corporates to canines

How many people can say they quit corporate life to start a pet photography business? Well, Diana Leventhal of Gold Coast-based K9 Pet Photography did just that. Nine years ago she started her new business and one of her first investments was a second-hand Renault Kangoo.


Attention grabbing design 

The attention grabbing Kangoo provided instant recognition for her fledgling business.


Her business motto: "We click with pets and their people’ is born from her belief that ‘Dog people get dog people." Her own dog Max was the original inspiration for the business and, although he’s sadly passed away, she’s very grateful she has photos that capture their beautiful memories together.


Diana covers vast distances to photograph pets and people but it’s not just dogs that star in her shoots. She’s been asked to take snaps of horses, cats and once, bizarrely, even a chicken. 


Scaling up and trading up 

From the very start, Diana relied on her faithful and trusty Kangoo to carry all her equipment and props but with her growing business success, she decided to trade up to the new model Kangoo. “I love the spacious cargo area,” she says. “All of my props easily fit into the back, including a beautiful old armchair. There’s loads of room for my lights, stands and camera cases.”


The Kangoo’s comfort, quietness, road holding and ease of operation come to the fore on longer journeys and trips to expos with her artwork loaded in the cargo area is a breeze. With the latest safety features, Diana says her new Kangoo “feels very sturdy, refined and solid”.


She ordered her Kangoo with the cargo barrier to separate the cabin from the load area. The large console often doubles as her laptop station - it’s her second office. She loves the handy storage cubbies and Bluetooth means that she can safely stay in touch with her clients while on the road. She says, “It’s a dream to drive and it’s economical, so it doesn’t cost a fortune to run or maintain.”


Diana’s new Kangoo features a gorgeous decal of a French Bulldog - a happy nod to Renault’s heritage (at least we like to think so).


Discover all the features of the Renualt Kangoo here.

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