The Flying Squad hits the road with a New Master

The world-famous Royal Flying Doctor Service acquired a fleet of 38 Renault Master based ambulances for use on both metro and rural runs.

Aslinda Gale and Kai McLean are Patient transport officers with RFDS Victoria and they confirmed that the new Masters were a step above previous vehicles. “We can easily stand between the stretchers now, so we can attend to patients more comfortably and safely,” Kai said. “We can also stand up inside the van which is a great help when using equipment or simply working with patients. There’s more room for our cabinets, too.

The move to Renault was driven in part by the more generous proportions of the French vehicles. Other reasons include the keen pricing of the Master models chosen as the best basis for outfitting as ambulances; the efforts which Renault Australia made to accommodate very stringent RFDS design requirements, short delivery times and long service intervals which keep operating costs down.

Other factors that played a part in the purchase decision included occupant safety and operating economy. “At the end of the day, we’re a charitable organisation,” said Scott Chapman, CEO of RFDS Victoria. “We provide this service virtually at cost under contract, so we’re not here to make huge surpluses or profits, but by the same token we don’t want to be spending money where we can better spend it on health services, so the availability of parts, cost of services, fuel economy, driveability, passenger comfort – they’re all important parts of the mix.”

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