There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking of buying a van for your business. How much space do you need? What sort of payload? Would an extra sliding door make life easier? If you need to get a pallet in the back, barn doors are almost essential – but you’ll thank yourself for picking a tailgate every time you have to unload in the rain! And those are just the basics – there are a huge range of options and accessories available to ensure the van you end up buying is the right one for you. But the right van isn’t just the one that can best do the job. It’s the one that can best do the job, with the least overall risk to your business.

There are essentially 3 groups of things you need to consider before you decide which van you buy.

  1. Fitness for purpose - if the product does what you need. It covers all the features and specifications – the nuts and bolts, if you like. How big, how much payload, power, torque, etc. – all the technical facts and figures.
  2. Reassurance - how long do you keep your vehicles? 3 years and 100,000km of cover is great if you do 30,000km a year and keep your van for 3 years, but what if you keep it 5 years? Or drive 50,000km annually? What if your van breaks down? Where’s the nearest dealer?
  3. Total Cost of Ownership - covers the total or ‘real’ costs of vehicle ownership – all those costs that are directly attributable to the purchase, running and disposal of that vehicle.

So as a measure of the actual cost of a particular vehicle, you can see that the purchase price is only one part of a much bigger picture. To better illustrate what we’re talking about, consider this example.

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