It's My Business It's My Van: Spreading the Smile


DENTAL professional Caitlin Wainrib has filled a hole in the market, developing Mobile Dental Clinics Australia, a business based out of seven Renault Kangoo vans that visits aged care facilities, schools and businesses.


“We have specially acquired mobile dental lights and basins, even hand-held X-ray machines. We can take denture impressions in the patient’s own bed if necessary and then fit their new dentures later on. Pretty much the only treatment we can’t do on-the-spot is root canal work or implants,” Caitlin says.


“We saw a need for dentists to visit older Australians who weren’t able to come to a dental surgery for treatment or check-ups, so we go to them,” she says. “We service several hundred clients with a team of 23 dentists and oral hygienists in Victoria and South Australia, and we’ll be expanding into other states, such as New South Wales and Queensland, as well as WA.


“There are many reasons for the elderly and infirm not being able to get out to see a dentist at a surgery, so we are able to examine and treat them in the comfort of their own rooms.


“We can also provide dental check-ups, treatments and education to students in their schools,” Caitlin says.


 “Our team of qualified, accredited and experienced dental practitioners provide on-site general dental care to students, both those covered by the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) and those who choose the fee-paying option. With regular check-ups from an early age, we hope to provide early intervention and essential care to children, to ensure they enjoy healthy teeth throughout their lives


 “There’s also a convenience factor for kids and parents. Kids don’t need to miss so much school, and many parents work full time, making it difficult to get their children to the dentist during working hours.


“Within the corporate sector we find businesses like having our team come to their premises, because it reduces a lot of downtime when staff take the afternoon off to go to the dentist. It’s also a nice benefit for businesses to offer their staff,” she says. “We can set up in an unoccupied office to do the work, and we don’t need much space, just some power and water. Naturally we wipe down all the surfaces with appropriate disinfectant first, to maintain a hygienic working environment.


 “For transport we have found the Renault Kangoo suits our needs perfectly, as it is big enough to carry all of our equipment, and small enough to get around the city and be parked in our customer’s facilities.




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