John’s Trafic and Kangoo provide a cup of Joe to go

It’s arguably Australia’s favourite drink, because there would be few adults who don’t start their day with one or more cups of coffee. With a developed and cultured taste not for American instant or regular filter coffee. But crafted, European-style taste sensations. It’s not surprising that sales of domestic-sized real coffee machines have rocketed in recent years. Such is John’s passion for mobile java that he decided to put a quality coffee machine in the back of a van in 1999.

Today, John has two businesses, one with a coffee van franchise called Liquid Black, second - My Coffee Van offering custom coffee van design out-fitting.

Liquid Black uses 3 Renault vans: a late-model Trafic, a new Kangoo and one of the first of the all-new Trafic vans to arrive in Australia. More will undoubtedly follow. My Coffee Van reels in entrepreneurs who are keen to start their own business. With more than 16 years of experience building upwards of 200 coffee vans, John is confident he has the recipe for a successful mobile business vehicle sewn up. In an interview John said, “We are the longest established coffee van builder in Australia. We have excellent industry knowledge, and use only the highest quality equipment and Italian coffee machines. As such we can put a new van on the road in around 3 weeks.”

“Reliability and strength of construction is very important for a machine in the back of a van because it has to cope with bumps, potholes and constant acceleration and braking, not to mention heat soak in the summer. I have found the Renaults drive very well and the van shrinks around you so it feels like you are driving a car.”

“Renault vans are modern, stylish and most importantly, square, internally in the back, which makes a premium fit out easy. I always aim for the most modern technology and look. A clean finish, with a full splashback, LED lighting, Bluetooth stereo, slide out display, dual sinks, hot water service and a nice contrasting colour to finish it off with.” 

John ended the conversion saying “I like Renault and I like the Trafic. It is not expensive for what you get, and now with the new Trafic it’s a very stylish vehicle, so it’s already a mobile billboard for your business.” 

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