The Kwid Concept, a Global Vision of the Future

Renault renewed their commitment to new markets this week, unveiling the KWID concept car at the Delhi Auto Show. Designed by an international team for a global market, the Renault KWID is a bold statement for the future of the automotive industry.

Its fun, dynamic design reflects the feelings of a new younger market, yet the playfulness of the KWID’s shape is offset by its robust appearance, giving this sporty two-wheel drive the imposing presence of an off-road vehicle.

Brand Manager and Innovative Cooperative Laboratory Manager, Serge Mouangue, explains KWID insights, “Customers in new markets are much younger. Their expectations are different and customers are basically gamers. They tend to take a closer interest in technology and want to enjoy themselves. This concept car meets those needs…”

The KWID also features a range of high tech gadgets including a companion drone developed to provide traffic reports, landscape photography and obstacle detection.

While still in it’s concept stage, the Renault KWID reveals and exciting glimpse at Renault’s vision of the future. 

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