Kangoo Compact 1.2L petrol turbo charging into the market this December.

Over the past four years, Kangoo has established itself as a major player in the small van market and the newest update will continue that trajectory. There are some seriously great new additions – like the all-new 1.2L H5Ft engine – but is still extremely good value, continuing to feature its core strengths of class leading comfort, versatility and practicality.

Let’s talk about some of the new features.

More performance, less cost

The new engine will allow for up to 21% less fuel consumption thanks to the new engine providing less friction, lower accessory drag and reduced engine weight. If you are interested in the numbers: manual transmission is reduced to 6.2L/100km and EDC transmission is reduced to 6.5L/100km. Just another example of why Kangoo can do more. Or less, in this case.

Features of the new 1.2L H5Ft engine include both turbocharging and direct fuel injection (a first for Renault), resulting in increased peak torque by nearly 30%. It produces more torque and does it for longer. This provides for improved drivability and substantially better performance at low speed.

What about power? The new engine produces 8% more power than its predecessor which means less engine noise and vibration, for a quieter drive, and less engine wear.

New Transmission

The new Renault Kangoo Compact is greatly improved in other areas too. Replacing the old 4-speed automatic is the new duel-clutch-6-speed transmission. Two extra ratios and 0.29 second shift time makes for excellent acceleration and a smoother drive.

Drivers who prefer a manual transmission don’t miss out either. The 6-speed TL4 is a light, smooth and quick-shifting box, previously used in the Clio 3 RS. With better acceleration, Start/Stop technology, ESM and ECO mode results in slightly lower fuel consumption compared with EDC equipped models. The new Kangoo Compact comes with more safety equipment : 4 airbags, Reverse Parking Sensors, Hill Start Assist, Cruise Control and Speed Limiter as standard. 

Find out more about our new Kangoo 1.2L Turbo here.




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