Renault Kangoo - Refreshed, Enhanced, Extended

The Renault Kangoo range has been refreshed for 2014 with a comprehensive redesign, giving the classic Kangoo a more powerful and confident look. The new design delivers new bonnet, mudguards, headlamps, front bumper, and aerodynamic door mirrors - and that’s just the exterior.

The engineering team behind the Kangoo have also worked hard to ensure driving the Kangoo in urban areas is easier, safer, more comfortable and as stress-free as possible. With a small turning circle, greater visibility and a wider shorter body for easy parking, the refreshed Renault Kangoo is the perfect urban commercial vehicle.

And because the Kangoo was built on the people mover platform it’s just as relaxing to drive long distance across Australia’s winding roads as it is zipping through city streets

“The Kangoo continues to offer a great combination of practicality, comfort, and safety, and with its new look and even sharper starting price, it is better positioned than ever to secure an even bigger share of the compact van market” says Lyndon Healey, Model Line Manager for Renault LCV.

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