Renault Sport Creates Clio R.S. 16 Concept Car for 40th Anniversary

This year, Renault Sport celebrates its 40th Anniversary and its return to Formula One as a constructor. What better way to commemorate than with a monumental motorsport challenge?

The goal:
To give the Clio R.S. a heart transplant – the 275-horsepower 2.0 litre turbo engine of a Mégane R.S. Trophy-R – making it the fastest Renault Sport car ever, in time for the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix.

The players:
Teams from motorsport and road cars (the newly created Renault Sport F1 and Renault Sport Cars divisions) worked together to design, engineer, build and test the concept vehicle in record time.

The race:
The deadline for launching the Clio R.S. 16 on the famous Monaco circuit was just under 5 months. This extremely tight timeframe demanded a flawless execution, with no room for error, limited testing time, and no backups.

There was no time to build prototypes or undertake extensive speed and engine tests. The car had to fit together and housing engine parts needed to work together, straight out of the gate! Parts and systems were modeled virtually, and the team ran software tests before the first road test on April 1 at the Montlhéry track.

The result:
The Clio R.S. 16 unveiled in Monte-Carlo is astounding, with an F1-inspired livery (in Liquid Yellow and glossy black details), and a world-first chequered LED R.S. Vision lighting signature.

To house the 19-inch wheels, the team widened the bodywork by trimming the wings and adding composite fibre extensions - accentuating the Clio’s expressive, sporty stance. And with the high-performance, turbo-charged Mégane engine inside, the Clio R.S. 16 has more power and torque than ever before.

“It was quite a gamble, but we have creating a wonderful car presented today alongside some legendary and extreme models that are a pleasure to drive on the limit,” said Patrice Ratti, Director of Renault Sport Cars and project lead. “The Renault Sport spirit is an everyday occurrence, but today its ‘passion’ shined through in Monaco!”

Renault Sport Formula One team driver Kevin Magnussen was on-hand to put the concept car through its paces around the iconic Monaco track.

The road ahead:
The team has already moved into production of road-going vehicles inspired by the concept.

As advances are made in engineering, in the world of motorsport and road cars, we watch with excitement as Renault Sport continues to test the boundaries of sport car production. And with an engine like this, the Clio R.S. 16 is set to push the limits in a truly exciting way.

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