Skippy and Crew: Sydney entrepreneurs choose the Kangoo

Alex van Os is a television wardrobe stylist and eco fashion stylist who runs Op Shop to Runway. Her partner Joel Seaton is a primary school teacher and a beekeeper who created the Careel Bay Honey Co., producing pure, raw honey from Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


This dynamic duo shares a passion for business and an active lifestyle. In their driveway, you’ll find two much-loved Renault Kangoo workhorses. The Kangoo Compact petrol automatic for Alex, and Joel’s four-door turbo-diesel Maxi Crew, complete with fold-down second row of seats.


Zippy Kangoo glides through Sydney streets

Alex’s Kangoo, lovingly nicknamed Skippy, is employed as a mobile wardrobe. Much of her work is inner-city based so she wanted a vehicle which had plenty of carrying capacity but was also nimble and compact'. “Skippy is practical, zippy and versatile, and I can squeeze into tiny spaces,” Alex says.


Its maneuverability, tight turning circle, large cargo area, tall roofline and ability to squeeze into tight spots and laneways are what the Kangoo was designed for.


A custom clothes rack built by Alex’s father carries enough clothing for a day’s filming, and the tall roof height means garments hang without touching the floor. Adding to Skippy’s versatility, the convenience of twin sliding doors let her work from both sides of the vehicle. She enjoys the zippiness of the 1.6-litre petrol engine and its automatic gearbox, which remove the stress from city driving, and delivers low operating costs.


Work hard. Play easy. 

After seeing the layout of Alex’s Kangoo and driving it regularly, Joel settled on a diesel manual Kangoo Maxi Crew. Although he looked at other European brands, the price saving and comprehensive standard features convinced him to invest in the Renault.


Using his Kangoo to commute to school each day and as a work vehicle for his beekeeping and honey business, Joel personally customised the interior to suit his needs. 


Joel says, “When I extract honey, it’s usually a couple of hundred kilograms at a time. I carry all the frames, a central extraction unit, boxes, tarpaulins, protective clothing, smoker, hive tools and other essential equipment. Thanks to the rear seat folding flat, we can transport several hundred frames in boxes and all the equipment needed.”


But it’s not just a work vehicle. Both Joel and Alex enjoy getting away from it all, and the Kangoo delivers every time. Joel says, “The cargo area is big enough for a decent sized bed, and is perfect for when Alex and I go on surfing adventures up and down the coast.”


Full of possibilities not surprises. 


Joel’s Kangoo Maxi has just received its first complimentary service and the capped price of the next three scheduled services ($349 each) make it easy to budget for, with no hidden surprises.


Joel says, “Alex and I love putting the boards on the roof racks, the bed in the back and getting away in the Kangoo for weekends. I occasionally carry the bees in the Kangoo too and they haven’t complained, so all must be sweet.


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