So Frenchy, so chic, so Renault, tres bien.

So Frenchy So Chic is back and so is Renault. The partnership between to two is still going strong and is entering its sixth year of partnership with Melbourne and fifth with Sydney. The Melbourne and Sydney events, on January 15 and 21, respectively are ready to go but are you, mon ami?

So Frenchy So Chic is a festival where one can get lost in the joie de vie. Celebrating friends, music, food and wine, it’s a party and a picnic in the park celebrating life and culture, the frenchy way. It is a long summer day that truly encapsulates Renault as a brand. It is confident, effortless, sexy and sophisticated and So Frenchy So Chic is too.

So Frenchy So Chic is about living in the moment, make new memories and get lost in joie de vivre. With an eclectic list of amazing French musicians, this French festival is one for the family. Featuring performances Nouvelle Vague, Bertrand Belin, The Limiñanas and Deluxe. There is something for everyone.  

“Renault has been working with So Frenchy So Chic for a while now and is truly a fantastic partnership” says Justin Hocevar, Managing Director of Renault Australia. “Every single year, our time at So Frenchy So Chic gets better and better. It’s the perfect summer day, full of excellent music, delicious food and joyful memories and I’m sure this year will be no exception.”

The Melbourne event is held on the beautiful grounds of the Werribee Mansion and the Sydney event at Bicentennial Park Glebe.

“So Frenchy So Chic is an event enjoyed by people of all ages and life stages. It’s a positive and family oriented day and Renault are looking forward to sharing the day with everyone.”

So we’ll see you on the lawns of the Werribee Mansion or the parkland of the Bicentennial Glebe for a day of fun, festive memories and French spirit. À bientôt.


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