ZOE e-Sport Concept. 100% Electric. 100% Sport.

The Renault ZOE e-sport concept car has been revealed overnight at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show showcases Renault’s commitment to the ongoing development of electric vehicles. 

Based on the all-electric ZOE’s supermini platform, ZOE e-sport concept draws on Groupe Renault’s three years of success in the FIA Formula E Championship. This all-electric single-seater series, fought on challenging street circuits around the world, has proved a popular and accessible way for the public to enjoy high-performance electric racing.  

The two-seater ZOE e-sport concept echoes the styling of the latest Renault single-seater race cars, and its colour scheme reflects the livery of the e.dams team. The lightweight body structure is made of carbon fibre, and the car tips the scales at just 1,400kg, including the battery (450kg). This minimal weight in addition to excellent aerodynamics, power close to 460bhp and torque of 640Nm, helps the car to accelerate from standstill to 62mph in 3.2 seconds.

Sport styling with Renault's hallmark design. 

The distinctive styling takes inspiration for the reigning champion Renault e.dams team's livery. The dominant colour is Satin Blue with flashes of yellow on the door mirror and the front and rear bumper beading. The bumpers, lip spoiler and headlight/air intake surrounds have a carbon fibre finish.

The headlights carry over the C-shape that has become a hallmark of the latest Renault models. The prominent vertically mounted backlit Renault front and rear diamond logos echo the styling of the Renault TreZor concept car unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

Inside the cabin, the colours and materials express the car’s sport pedigree. Black is the dominant colour, with a few splashes of blue and – notably for the controls – aluminium. The seats, steering wheel and door panels are trimmed with overstitched Alcantara. 

Built for speed and handling.

The ZOE e-sport concept accelerates to 62mph (100kph) from rest in 3.2 seconds. Its maximum speed is capped at 130mph (210kph) and takes fewer than 10 seconds to achieve it. The high torque output of 640Nm (320Nm per motor) is available almost instantly. Electric motors deliver all their performance the moment they are activated, and it takes only a few tenths of a second for the ZOE e-sport concept’s motors to reach 4,300rpm. The acceleration is linear, uninterrupted by gear changes.

The ZOE delivers its full potential instantly in the form of crisp, jar-free pull-away and mid-range acceleration performance. High torque is available from very low revs. The R90 motor delivers peak torque of 225Nm in a fraction of a second, allowing the ZOE to accelerate from rest to 31mph (50kph) – the most frequently used range when motoring in built-up areas – in just four seconds.

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