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Exceeding Comwire IT’s Business Needs


Adelaide-based Comwire IT is running a mixed fleet of Renault vans and passenger cars to help keep its business on the boil. The Port Adelaide Football Club supporters within the company have benefited from the club’s membership offer that provides enhanced buying opportunities, but additionally, the company is a supplier to the Club as well as a Premium partner. “Comwire IT supports out IT requirements, supports our club, and we’re supporting them with a club benefit for their...

Calculate your own Total Cost of Ownership


To calculate the TCO of any vehicle you’re thinking of buying, consider the following: Negotiated purchase price – this will only rarely be the Recommended Retail Price advertised on the manufacturer’s website, unless it’s a special offer Drive Away price. Many manufacturers offer discounts for fleet or ABN buyers that aren’t advertised. Cost of any options - or accessories not included in the above. More expensive models often include cameras, reversing sensors or bulkheads...

Face Value of your Van


Our buyer is a plumber who keeps his van for 5 years, and travels about 30,000km each year. Van A is a turbo diesel model with a high level of standard equipment, Van B is an entry level model with a petrol engine. In terms of size, payload and cubic capacity, they’re otherwise similar: In this case Van B is a substantial 25% less expensive to buy than Van A. But over the typical 5 year ownership period, a more economical engine, longer service intervals and better resale actually makes Van A...

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