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Calculate your own Total Cost of Ownership


To calculate the TCO of any vehicle you’re thinking of buying, consider the following: Negotiated purchase price – this will only rarely be the Recommended Retail Price advertised on the manufacturer’s website, unless it’s a special offer Drive Away price. Many manufacturers offer discounts for fleet or ABN buyers that aren’t advertised. Cost of any options - or accessories not included in the above. More expensive models often include cameras, reversing sensors or bulkheads...

Face Value of your Van


Our buyer is a plumber who keeps his van for 5 years, and travels about 30,000km each year. Van A is a turbo diesel model with a high level of standard equipment, Van B is an entry level model with a petrol engine. In terms of size, payload and cubic capacity, they’re otherwise similar: In this case Van B is a substantial 25% less expensive to buy than Van A. But over the typical 5 year ownership period, a more economical engine, longer service intervals and better resale actually makes Van A...

How to Value Your New Van


There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking of buying a van for your business. How much space do you need? What sort of payload? Would an extra sliding door make life easier? If you need to get a pallet in the back, barn doors are almost essential – but you’ll thank yourself for picking a tailgate every time you have to unload in the rain! And those are just the basics – there are a huge range of options and accessories available to ensure the van you end up buying is the right one...

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