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Renault Trafic is ready to race with new Formula Edition.


To celebrate the delivery of the first Renault Trafic vans to the Renault Sport Formula 1 team, Renault LCV developed a Formula Edition, 80 of which have just landed in Australia.   From the racetrack to the road.   The Renault Sport Formula 1 team’s vans are used for delivery of parts for its race machines, because time is critical when it comes to getting them built and tested. They are also used for new parts to be delivered to the test or race track, when the...

Renault's New Trafic Crew is fit for the whole crew's needs.


The Renault Trafic is a van for a plan, but now, those plans have just gotten significantly easier with the launch of the New Trafic Crew. The new Crew brings another level of capability to what’s already a highly capable and increasingly popular vehicle. The Trafic Crew provides a solution to the need for addition seating that’s both practical and innovative. A comfortable ride for six people with 3-point belts and headrests for every passenger. LET’S TALK FEATURES There are...

Go green with the award-winning Renault Trafic


Renault LCV Australia is launching a Green Van Plan aimed at further reducing the environmental impact of its highly efficient diesel engines. Adding even more reasons to choose a Renault Trafic medium-sized van, the Bamboo Green Trafic provides carbon offset through not-for-profit Greenfleet. Greenfleet will plant enough native trees to absorb the carbon emissions of 30,000km travelled per van per year for the first seven years of every Bamboo Green Trafic van sold. That’s 6-tonnes of...

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