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What is speed limiter and how do I use it?

This is an additional safety component that helps drivers stay within speed limits. By setting the speed to a level not to be exceeded, it enables you to concentrate purely on driving, without having to keep an eye on the speedometer keeping your focus on the road.  The system starts operating at a driving speed of approximately 30 km/h.  Please note this is a driving assistance tool and does not replace safe driving practices   

What is cruise control and how do I use it?

Cruise Control can reduce fatigue on long journeys maintaining the vehicle’s speed as predetermined by the driver, within the speed limit, without the use of the accelerator. Cruise control does not activate the braking system so the driver must remain vigilant and be able to react quickly. Please note this is a driving assistance tool and does not replace safe driving practices   

How do I turn Blind Spot Warning on and off?

Simply press the BSW button.  The light on the button will illuminate if turned on, and lights positioned close to the side mirrors will illuminate when another vehicle is positioned in the vehicle’s blind sport. Remember, BSW is a driver assistance tool only, and does not replace the need to check your surroundings prior to taking any action whilst driving your Renault. 

When parking my Renault, am I able to completely rely on my parking sensors to park my vehicle safely?

Parking sensors are a driver assistance tool only, and do not replace the need to check your surroundings prior to taking any action whilst driving your Renault.

My Renault Keycard isn’t unlocking my vehicle. Am I able to manually unlock my Renault?

You are able to open and start your Renault if the Keycard does not work for any reason.  Simply press the small oval button on the side of the Keycard.  The key will release from the top of the card.  Then insert the key via the lock on the passenger side of the vehicle.  To start the vehicle, re-insert the key into the Keycard and place in its slot to start the engine as per normal.

How do I change the battery on my Renault’s Keycard key remote?

When you notice the message “Keycard battery low” appearing in the instrument panel, it’s time to change the battery.  Simply press the small, oval button on the side of the Keycard- this will release the key from the top of the card.  Turn the key over and unclip the circular cover.  Remove the battery and replace ensuring the polarity and model are correct.  If you need any assistance contact your local Renault dealer or Customer Service.

Is it possible to lock my Renault Keycard key remote inside the vehicle?

Although the Renault Keycard has been designed to reduce the risk that the vehicle will lock when the key is left inside the vehicle, some precautions need to be taken.  The vehicle may inadvertently lock due to interference if the Renault Keycard is placed in the luggage compartment/boot, in contact with other electronic equipment (such as a mobile phone), or near any metal object that could cause wavelength interference.   Never leave an animal, child or dependant adult alone in the vehicle.  

What is R-Link?

R-LINK is a tactile, integrated multimedia system that boasts a 7-inch screen which can be safely controlled by voice, touch screen or by steering wheel mounted remote control.

Is my phone going to be compatible with Renault’s R-link multimedia system?

Most major mobile phone makes and models are compatible with R-Link.  As a general rule, when purchasing a used Renault, check compatibility before purchase as we are unable to guarantee that a new phone will be compatible with an older vehicle and vice versa.  During a test drive, your local Renault dealer will be able to assist with testing the compatibility of your phone with the vehicle you’re interested in.  Renault Customer Service may also be able to assist.

How do I pair and connect my mobile phone via Bluetooth to R-Link?

Activate Bluetooth function on your phone and allow it to be discovered by nearby devices.  Navigate to the Bluetooth setting on R-Link.  The system will identify your phone and will display it on the screen.  Choose it from the list on the screen, as other Bluetooth devices in close proximity will also appear on this list.  Confirm pairing by matching the security code on your phone with that displayed on the R-Link screen.  Next time the phone will automatically connect.

How do I use the Phonebook via R-Link?

R-Link will automatically update the phonebook every time your phone connects.  This automatic process can be activated or deactivated in Settings.  Click Phone Book and your contacts will be displayed in alphabetical order.  Click the name of the contact you wish to call then select their preferred phone number if more than one is displayed.  

Where do I find all the calls I have made, received and missed?

Click Phone from the home menu.  Click Call Logs and a list of all the calls that have been made, received and missed by the connected device will be displayed.

Can R-Link recognise more than one phone at a time?

You can pair up to 5 phones with R-Link, but can only use one at a time

How do I use Navigation to plan a route to a street address?

Select navigation.  On first use you will need to select Australia as the country. Enter the name or postcode of the city or suburb. The listing of possible suburbs will be listed so simply select your desired destination.  Follow the same procedure for Street and No. Upon confirming the the destination for a final time, you will be on your way.

How do I change the volume of the Navigation voice?

There are a number of ways to do this.  You can go directly into RLink Settings and change the default volume under Navigation settings.  Alternatively, and perhaps the easiest way to change the volume, is to wait for the navigation to provide instruction, and while it is doing so use the normal volume adjustment controls.  The system will automatically recognise this as an adjustment of the Navigation volume and not the radio or other Multimedia that you are listening to.

How do I navigate through the music on a USB connected to R-Link?

From the Main Menu, press Multimedia and select Media.  This will bring up a list of all the files on the USB that may be played.  You may search for audio files directly, or by genre, artist, album etc.  Click the song you would like to listen to and enjoy.

How do I view pictures on R-Link?

Photo slideshows may be viewed but only available when the vehicle is stationary.  From the Main Menu, Press Multimedia.  Press Pictures.  This will bring up a list of all the files on the USB that may be viewed.  Simply select your chosen image to display it.  


My dealer has asked for the VIN of my Renault. What is the VIN?

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) are used to uniquely identify motor vehicles.  Prior to 1980 there was not an accepted standard for these numbers, so different manufacturers used different formats. Modern day VIN's consist of 17 characters that do not include the letters I, O or Q.  Your dealer will ask for your VIN to determine details and provide information that’s relevant specifically to your vehicle.

Where can I find my Renault’s Vehicle Identification Number?

The VIN can be found by looking at the dashboard on the passenger side of the vehicle from outside the car. Stand outside the vehicle on the passenger side and look at the corner of the dashboard where it meets the windshield.  Alternatively, for some Renault models the VIN can also be found on the inside of the vehicle’s passenger door.  For any help finding the VIN simply ask your local Renault dealer or contact Customer Service.

What is Renault Roadside Assistance?

Renault Roadside Assistance is a comprehensive service that offers you peace of mind motoring. If you run out of fuel, lose your car keys, or have a flat tyre as an owner of a Renault you don't have to worry; Renault's 24/7 Roadside Assistance is there to help you.  New Renault owners who have purchased their vehicle from 1st January 2018 recieve complimentary 12 months 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

How long is Renault Roadside Assistance provided?

New Renault owners who have purchased their vehicle from 1st January 2018 recieve complimentary 12 months 24/7 Roadside Assistance. Further Roadside Assistance is available for another 12 months when you service your Renault at a participating authorised Renault dealer, up to 4 years from the warranty start date.   For vehicles purchased between 1st January 2013 and 31st December 2017, Roadside Assistance is applicable for the period of the new vehicle warranty. 

When is Renault Roadside Assistance available?

Renault Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and covers you right across Australia.

Can the Renault Roadside Assistance policy be extended?

You are able to extend your Renault Roadside Assistance at an additional cost.  Speak to your Renault dealership for more information.

What is the contact number for Renault Roadside Assistance?

Call us toll free on 1800 009 008 if you have a problem with your Renault and you need help or assistance. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In the event of a collision, is Renault Roadside Assistance able to help?

In the event of a collision, the Roadside Assistance consultant is limited to providing general advice regarding any obligations you may have to the police, insurance company, or finance company, if applicable.  If required, Renault Roadside Assistance can arrange towing but this is not included in the Renault Roadside Assistance policy and will be at an additional cost. 

How do I get the PIN for my radio?

Your radio makes a regular beeping sound when the radio security code has not been entered. If your pin code is unknown, we recommend you contact the Service Department of an authorised Renault Dealer who can arrange to obtain the code. A fee may be charged for this service.

How do I enter my Renault’s radio PIN?

To enter the Radio code, firstly turn on the radio. The message CODE followed by 0000 is displayed. Set the value of the first flashing digit by briefly pressing button 1 on the keypad until the required number is reached. Skip to the next digit by briefly pressing 2 on the keypad and set the number in the same way. Set digits 3 and 4 in the same way. After the fourth digit is confirmed, press and hold button 6 until a beep sounds. The system is unlocked automatically once the full code has been entered.  Call Customer Service if you have any trouble.

Where can I obtain a new Owner’s Manual?

Owner's manuals can be purchased directly from Renault Customer service.  Call free on 1800 009 008 to speak to a Customer Service Consultant (Weekdays 9.00am-5.00pm). 

What fuel does my Renault require?

  1. It is essential to use the correct fuel in your Renault. Unleaded petrol must have a RON rating number that meets or exceeds the number found inside the fuel filler flap.
  2. Diesel fuel, Renault recommends only to use quality Diesel fuels (5% biodiesel is acceptable).

What are the characteristics of using incorrect fuel?

Vehicles used with incorrect fuel may present with a combination of the following faults or damage;
- Damaged spark plug or plugs
- Pinging, rough idle or non-starting
- Compression issue on 1 or more cylinders
- Piston, valve, cylinder, cylinder head damage
- High oil consumption
- Blown head gasket
- Engine knock
- Valve damage
- Injector damage

If I have filled up with 91 RON fuel before but my engine is still ok what should I do?

Ensure you do not use this fuel again as it is causing long term damage to your engine

I regularly fill up with 95RON fuel but the other week I had to use 91RON – what should I do?

Ensure you do not use this fuel again as it is causing long term damage to your engine.

I have been using 91 RON fuel since delivery with no issues – what’s the problem?

We strongly urge you to look at the sticker on your filler fuel flap as it will specify which RON rating your vehicle requires. Immediately stop using this fuel as it is causing long term damage to your engine.

Am I covered if I use 91RON fuel for my vehicle?

Using regular 91(RON) UNLEADED fuel in Renault vehicles that require premium 95 or 98 RON Unleaded fuel, can cause catastrophic damage and may void your warranty claim. Using regular 91(RON) Unleaded fuel can cause severe engine knock or pinging (premature ignition of the fuel) that damages the pistons and other engine parts.

What oil is recommended for my Renault?

Renault recommends the use of specific Elf lubricants in all its Petrol and Diesel Engines. These are available through your Renault Dealership.  Find your nearest Renault dealer here.

Can I use Biodiesel blends in my Renault?

As part of Renault’s environmental policy, Renault’s diesel range vehicles are capable of being powered by biofuels such as biodiesel.  Every diesel vehicle can run with B10 (blend of diesel fuel with 10% in volume of biodiesel) as long as the fuel complies with the project of European standard prEN16734.

Generally in Australia you will only find fuel with up to 5% biodiesel fuel – B5 blend.  Every Renault diesel vehicle can run with this fuel.

What fluid additives should be regularly checked to ensure ongoing performance of my Renault?

Engine Oil, Coolant, Brake fluid and Washer fluid should be checked regularly to ensure the ongoing performance of your Renault.  Your local Renault dealership will be able to assist if you are unable to perform these checks.

Can Renault Customer Service diagnose my Renault over the phone?

Although Renault Customer Service can provide some advice and do their best to help, vehicles must be taken to a Renault dealership in order for it to be properly diagnosed by a variety of physical inspections.

Some petrol stations offer E10 95RON Unleaded fuel (such as United brand). What is this suitable for my vehicle?

You can use E10 fuel providing it meets the minimum RON rating specified for the vehicle.

Why is this software update so important?

The GPS operating schedule has restarted on April 6, 2019. This reset (also called WNRO GPS Week Number Roll Over) will generate poor communication between GPS satellites and GPS receivers of vehicles, causing them to lose some functionality.

TomTom has made available an important update to certain navigation systems Multimedia Systems - R-LINK, R-LINK Evolution and Carminat TomTom.


How do I know if my navigation system is impacted?

The symptoms for R-Link/R-Link Evolution GPS navigation are:
  • No clock
  • No GPS estimated time of arrival
  • Impact on some connected services (weather , emails)
  • Impact on the vehicle pre-conditioning: Charge hour (for electric vehicles)
The symptoms for Carminat TomTom GPS Navigation: 
  • Frozen Navigation
To update your system please visit 

What are the navigation systems affected?

Systems with GPS navigation provided by TomTom: Carminat TomTom, R-LINK and R-LINK Evolution
There are several ways to find out if your vehicle GPS navigation is affected:
  • The documents provided with the vehicle indicate the type and name of the navigation system
  • You received an email and/or an SMS from Renault Australia advising of the update
  • For R-Link update click here
  • For Carminat TomTom update, click here
*Navigations not affected: Carminat TomTom Live, MediaNav, R-LINK 2, as well as the Alpine Vehicle Navigation System.

Which vehicle models are affected?

Vehicles equipped with GPS Navigation Carminat TomTom, R-LINK or R-LINK Evolution systems are:
  • Clio III & IV
  • ZOE 
  • Captur 
  • Fluence 
  • Megane III
  • Koleos I
  • Latitude
  • Kangoo 
  • Kangoo Z.E
  • Trafic
  • Master
To find your specific GPS software upgrade visit:

How do I know if my vehicle needs to be updated?

For R-LINK and R-LINK Evolution systems
Customers should go to the GPS system settings and check the version number of the application.
If the first 5 digits of R-LINK / R-LINK Evolution are later than or equal to 11.344.3064886-8056, then the system has already been updated.

For Carminat TomTom systems
If the version number of the application is later than version: 8.843, then the system should not be updated.

How can I update my R-LINK, R-LINK Evolution?

  • Go to Renault EASY CONNECT website, click here
  • Enter the your VIN number (ex: VF1RFA ...) VIN to 17 characters of the vehicle
  • Download the file to the computer
  • Unzip and copy the update file to an empty USB stick (Key size: 8-32 GB, formatted in FAT 32)
  • Start the engine and make sure that R-LINK is on
  • Until the end of the update, the vehicle must remain stationary with the engine running
  • Connect the stick to the vehicle's USB port and follow the on-screen instructions

The GPS navigation update may take about 20/25 minutes.
At the end of the installation process, the message "Updating CanCoProcessor" may appear on the screen of R-LINK. 

Do not remove your SD card to perform the update.

How can I update my Carminat TomTom Navigation?

  • Go to Renault EASY CONNECT, click here
  • Find the section about Carminat TomTom
  • Watch the video and follow the prompts
  • Remove SD card safely from your vehicle as per video instructions
  • Insert the SD card into the SD card slot of the computer and follow the steps to download the system update
  • Once update is done, insert the SD card into the navigation device of the vehicle and wait for the prompt displaying the new version number
  • Once prompted, click the button on screen to install the update
  • This update might take a few minutes. Do not remove the SD card until the update completes
  • Once update is complete, your system will reboot.

For Carminat TomTom: the GPS navigation update takes about 10 minutes with the engine running and the vehicle stationary.



I am unable to perform the update, what do I do?

Renault provides customers with tutorials on the site Renault EASY CONNECT The GPS navigation update can be done at your convenience and without any special skills required.

If you have further issues please contact our customer service team by visiting  or find your local Renault Dealership here

Warranty & Insurance

For how long is my Renault covered under the standard Renault warranty?

All new Renault vehicles are covered by some of the most comprehensive warranty terms in the market.  The table below outlines the warranty policy covering all current Renault vehicles.

Vehicle Years of coverage Mileage coverage Valid date of policy




5 Unlimited Purchased from April 1st 2011






Purchased from May 1st 2019

(NOT inc. KANGOO Z.E.)


(inc. Platform Cab and Master Bus;

NOT inc. Motorhome conversions)

5 200,000km Purchased from September 1st 2020

Renault will repair or replace any part on the vehicle (except those items listed in the Customer Information and Maintenance Booklet under the section titled "What is not covered") which proves to be defective in materials or workmanship, free of charge - subject to the terms and conditions of that warranty.

If you purchased your vehicle prior to the valid date listed below, please contact your local Renault dealer or Renault Customer Service on 1800 009 008 to confirm the warranty for your specific vehicle.

Can I purchase extended warranty for my vehicle?

There is currently no Renault Extended Warranty policy available for the Passenger or Renault Sport vehicle range. Renault Extended Manufacturer Warranty (EMW) is available to purchase only for Renault Light Commercial vehicles: Master, Trafic, and Kangoo.  The Renault EMW is only able to be purchased at the time of initial vehicle purchase. Other key features of the Renault EMW include: 
i.    The option of an additional 12 or 24 months warranty coverage (extending coverage to a total 4 years/200,000km or 5 years/200,000km). 
ii.    Terms and conditions identical to those in the standard warranty of 3 years/Unlimited km. 
iii.   Fully transferrable to second and subsequent owners.
Contact your local Renault dealer or Renault Customer Service for more information including pricing of Renault EMW. 


Do I have to service my vehicle at a Renault dealership to maintain the warranty of my vehicle?

We strongly recommend servicing your Renault at a Renault dealership; however it is your choice where your vehicle is serviced.  If you choose to have your vehicle serviced elsewhere, we require that service history be clearly documented in case there are any warranty claims and the cause of a particular fault needs to be determined. Also if non-genuine parts are fitted to your vehicle as part of servicing and failure of these parts results in additional damage, the damage will not be covered by the Renault warranty. Always ask for Renault Genuine Parts to be fitted where possible.

If I don’t have my Renault serviced for an extended period of time, does this have any impact on my warranty?

As outlined in your Customer Information and Maintenance Booklet under Renault New Vehicle Warranty Information, it is stipulated that you must properly use, maintain and care for your vehicle and retain maintenance service and inspection records for use in the event a question should arise concerning the vehicle’s maintenance, or in the event of any subsequent sales.  Refer to the Renault New Vehicle Warranty Information section of your Customer Information and Maintenance Booklet for full details regarding what you must do.  Failure to adhere to the stipulations outlined in this section could lead to the possibility rejection of warranty claims for your vehicle. 

Is my warranty transferable if I decide to sell my Renault?

The Renault warranty is for the vehicle itself, not the owner, and as such will transfer with the vehicle to the new owner.

Once my warranty has finished, should I just have my Renault serviced at Independent or non-authorised repairers?

It is your choice where your vehicle is serviced, however, you will not benefit from the expertise of trained Renault technicians, or the use of Renault Genuine parts.  The resale value of your Renault will also be positively impacted by continuing to service within the Renault dealer network as a result of improved buyer confidence.

What types of insurance are available from Renault Insurance?

Renault Insurance offers a range of car and loan insurance products designed with our customers in mind including:

  1. Prestige Motor Insurance
  2. Loan Protection Insurance
  3. Business Loan Protection Insurance
  4. Tyre and Rim Insurance
  5. Motor Equity Insurance
  6. Purchase Price Insurance

For details, including terms, conditions and PDS for each of the above click here.

Genuine Service

What is Renault Capped Price Servicing?

Capped Price Servicing means as a Renault customer you’ll enjoy capped maintenance costs for the first three standard scheduled maintenance services. Service intervals and prices for additional service items not included in the capped price scheduled here

How do I know if my vehicle is eligible for Renault Capped Priced Servicing?

The current Capped Price Servicing program applies to all new and demonstrator vehicles purchased from 1st January 2018.  For more information visit here. If you purchased your vehicle on or before 31st December 2017 please search for your local Renault dealership here.  If you would like to find out more about your capped priced servicing call Customer Service on 1800 009 008 for details regarding your specific vehicle.          

What is covered as part of the Renault Capped Priced Servicing program?

Capped Price Servicing covers the cost of all genuine parts, lubricants and labour required for the first three standard scheduled maintenance services.  Additional service items, including the parts and labour, such as pollen filter, air filter, brake fluid, spark plugs, and accessory belts, will be at an additional cost.

If I sell my Renault while it’s still covered by the Renault Capped Priced Servicing program, will the new owner be eligible to claim CPS?

The new owner will be eligible for any remaining services under Capped Priced Service Program as the capped price services are transferable with the vehicle.  Capped price services cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another.

What if I forget to claim one of the Capped Priced Services?

If the vehicle is not presented at the appropriate service schedule, you have up to three (3) months past the service schedule period to present the vehicle.  In the event the vehicle is not presented within the defined period then the right to that particular service is forfeited under the program.

Can I take my Renault to an independent or non-authorised repairer for a capped price service?

Renault Capped Price Servicing can only be performed at a Renault Servicing dealer.  Find your nearest Renault dealer here

Where is my closest Renault dealership?

With a growing dealer network, there are now more Renault dealerships in convenient locations for you to have your Renault serviced.  Find your nearest Renault dealer here

Why should I have my Renault serviced at a Renault dealership?

Servicing with an authorised Renault dealer ensures the following:

  1. We protect like it’s our own: From the moment your Renault arrives at a Renault Service Department, to just before you pick it up, we take special care of it by fitting Protective Seat Covers, Protective Floor Mats, and a Protective Steering Wheel Cover.
  2. We only use specialised equipment: Only Renault dealerships are authorised to use specialist Renault technology, such as Renault CLIP, to service your vehicle. This Formula 1™ inspired technology is capable of diagnosing and reprogramming your vehicle’s on-board computers, ensuring optimum performance and safety.
  3. We keep you informed: You won’t be left wondering while your Renault is being serviced. We’ll communicate whenever necessary to ensure you have a full understanding of everything related to the service of your vehicle.
  4. Have your roadside assistance renewed for another 12 months, up to 4 years (for vehicles purchased from 1st January 2018)

As a merit of our high quality service, a Quality Control Certificate is provided to you upon the completion of your vehicle service. This certificate is completed by a Renault Factory Trained Technician to highlight the work that has been performed on your vehicle, ensuring you understand the improvements that have been implemented.Not to mention, at an authorised Renault dealership all parts fitted and labour performed are backed by our one (1) year unlimited kilometre warranty or remainder of new vehicle warranty (whichever is greater).  You’ll also benefit from the expertise of Renault specialist technicians using Renault Genuine Parts.  All of this adds up to long term reliability, performance, and a preservation of resale value for your Renault.

How often should my Renault be serviced?

Refer to your Customer Information Booklet under service information.  Current range vehicles have the following service intervals.

Model Service Intervals





12 months OR 30,000km1

Clio R.S. (Phase 2)

Megane R.S. 

12 months OR 20,000km1


12 months OR 15,000km

Trafic III

12 months OR up to 30,000km1


12 months OR up to 30,000km1

1. These vehicles are subject to adaptive servicing requirements, as determined by the Oil Condition System, and may require servicing prior to the standard 12 months or KM service interval.


What if I think something is wrong with my Renault well before the recommended service interval?

It is important that if you notice any issues prior to a service being due to contact your local Renault dealer to have the issue rectified.  Any parts and labour will be covered under warranty if deemed to be a manufacturer fault unless the vehicle has been operated under extreme conditions, such as on a race track.

Does a scheduled maintenance service include all the work required to maintain the performance of my Renault?

A scheduled maintenance service does not include all work that may be required to maintain your vehicle.  From time to time, your dealer may recommend the following are checked and/or replaced to ensure ongoing performance, such as but not limited to:

  1. Brake Fluid
  2. Coolant
  3. Timing Belt and water pump
  4. Brake Pads and/or Disc Rotors
  5. Wiper blades

These components are commonly known as ‘additional service items’ or ‘wear and tear’ parts and will require servicing from time to time.  This time depends on a range of factors, including environmental conditions, driving conditions etc and will therefore be unique to every vehicle.  Your local Renault dealer will be able to advise if and when these parts need replacing.

Am I required to take my Renault back to the dealership from which it was purchased?

You are not obligated to return to the dealership from which your Renault was purchased. However the original dealership will have the best understanding of your specific vehicle, especially if services have already been performed previously at the dealership.

While my car is being serviced, will I be provided with a Courtesy vehicle?

Most dealers do have courtesy vehicles available, however a fee may be charged.  Please enquire directly with your dealership when next making your booking.

My Renault isn’t covered by Capped Priced Servicing anymore, what is the cost of having my Renault serviced?

The cost of continuing to service your Renault at a Renault dealership will depend on the work and labour required.  Speak to your local Renault dealer to find out more on how to obtain a quote.

I only travel 20kms per week, do I need to have my Renault serviced as per the service intervals in my Customer Information and Maintenance Booklet?

There are many components involved in making your Renault perform to the highest standard.  Some of these parts have a lifespan and will deteriorate over time, regardless of how often they are used.  As such, you need to ensure your Renault is serviced as per the Customer Information Booklet.

Genuine Accessories

Why should I fit Renault Genuine Accessories to my Renault?

Unlike generic aftermarket alternatives that may fit many makes and models, Renault Genuine Accessories were designed to be used specifically with your Renault.  As such, Renault Genuine Accessories guarantee quality, performance, and help to preserve the resale value of your vehicle.

How long is the warranty for Renault Genuine Accessories?

If Renault Genuine Accessories are purchased and fitted at time of purchase by an Authorised Renault Dealer, they are covered by Renault’s one (1) year unlimited kilometre warranty or the balance of the New Vehicle warranty, whichever is greater.  Renault Genuine Accessories purchased over the counter from an Authorised Renault Dealer are covered by Renault’s one (1) year unlimited kilometre warranty.

Can I purchase Renault Genuine Accessories after taking delivery of my Renault?

Renault Genuine Accessories can be purchased post-delivery of your vehicle.  Sometimes it will take time for you to learn how your Renault fits into your lifestyle, so you can purchase Renault Genuine Accessories at any time to help meet your needs.

Can I fit snow chains to any Renault model?

Whether you are able to fit snow chains to your Renault depends on the model.  Refer to your Driver's Handbook for the answer.  If you are unable to find the information, please call free on 1800 009 008 to speak to a Customer Service Consultant (Weekdays 9.00am-5.00pm). 

Are there any additional tools required to fit Renault Genuine Snow Chains?

Renault Snow Chains do not require any additional tools to fit them to your vehicle.

Genuine Parts

Why should I ensure Renault Genuine Parts are used when servicing my Renault?

Unlike Aftermarket alternatives, all Renault parts are specifically built to meet the exact requirements of Renault vehicles, and will ensure your Renault performs as it was intended. 

Where can I buy Renault Genuine Parts?

Your local Renault dealer has access to all Renault Genuine Parts.  Find your nearest Renault dealer here:

What is the warranty covering Renault Genuine Parts?

If Renault Genuine Parts are purchased and fitted at time of purchase by an Authorised Renault Dealer, they are covered by Renault’s one (1) year unlimited kilometre warranty or the balance of the New Vehicle warranty, whichever is greater.  Renault Genuine Parts purchased over the counter from an Authorised Renault Dealer are covered by Renault’s one (1) year unlimited kilometre warranty.

How can I check to make sure that Renault Genuine Parts have been used to service my vehicle?

All Renault dealerships provide an original tax invoice, listing the various components making up the total value of your invoice.  This invoice will list Renault Genuine Parts.  This may not be the case if you service outside of the Renault dealer network.  The same applies when your vehicle is being repaired after an accident – always ask whether Renault Genuine Parts are being fitted to your Renault.

After a collision, how important is it to ensure that Renault genuine parts are used in repairing my Renault?

All Renault genuine parts have been specifically designed, engineered and manufactured to suit Renault vehicles. This ensures a high level of quality control and perfect fit every time. Perhaps most importantly however, the safety rating of your Renault is based on testing that included the fitment of these specifically designed parts, so having your vehicle repaired with anything other than genuine parts, can compromise the safety and structural integrity of your Renault. This can put you and your passengers at risk and potentially impact upon resale value.

When having my Renault repaired after an accident, how do I know that genuine Renault parts are being used in the repair?

To ensure your Renault remains 100% genuine, choose an insurance policy that guarantees the fitment of genuine parts for the vehicle’s lifetime. Genuine parts are manufactured specifically for Renault and are sourced through approved Renault dealerships across Australia. When dropping your vehicle off for repair, specifically ask the repairer for genuine parts to be fitted. Some repairers will even have signage indicating the use of genuine parts. Finally, ask for invoices to be itemised listing the parts used.

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